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Counselling and psychotherapy in South West London
Kevin Hamilton
The terms 'counselling' and 'psychotherapy' are used interchangeably. Counselling is often short-term work, psychotherapy usually takes place over a longer period of time. 
How long does it take? Short term counselling, to help you achieve a specific goal, may take between 6-12 weeks. Psychotherapy requires a longer term commitment to enable us to work together at a deeper level. 
What will we do? Although some of our work together may involve talking about what is currently happening in your life, it may be important to talk about things that have happened in your past to help understand how this has impacted on your life today. Then, together we can consider changes that could lead to improvements in your life.
explore your issues take things at a pace that is right for you feel comfortable about the way we work together experience feeling heard, understood and valued. I offer both short-term and long-term therapy and will adapt my way of working to suit your needs
I draw on number of theories and techniques from the fields of counselling and psychotherapy to support the work I do.
The most important element of my work is to establish and maintain a therapeutic relationship to create a safe space for you to:
Counselling or Psychotherapy?
How do I work?